22nd February 2017

Topglass Contracts – Office

MAAC provides air conditioning servicing & installation services across Norfolk, striving to provide our customers with exceptional air conditioning.


Office broadband not fast enough to pay wages

speed upgrade thanks to Interwiz


With their office premises set in a rural location, existing ADSL connection not providing fast enough speeds for the business to operate efficiently,and superfast broadband unavailable in their area, MAAC Air Conditioning were considering relocating their office to improve connectivity.

They needed a solution that would significantly improve their speeds and allow them to remain in their existing premises.

The Solution

Interwiz partner FreeClix stepped in with their knowledge and expertise to provision Interwiz for MAAC Air Conditioning.

To determine what best suited the customer’s needs FreeClix conducted a site visit to perform a speed test with Interwiz demo hardware. They were then able to recommend the perfect data and hardware package solution for MAAC Air Conditioning.

As MAAC Air Conditioning wanted a connectivity solution that meant they were never offline FreeClix configured the Interwiz hardware to allow the existing ADSL connection to work as a failover thus ensuring the customer will never be offline for more than a matter of seconds if anything were to happen to the 4G connection.



MAAC Air Conditioning are now achieving superfast broadband speeds of over 40Mb/s at their office. The much improved speed means MAAC Air Conditioning no longer have to consider moving offices which in turn has saved them time, money and hassle! The increased speeds provides greater efficiency as staff are not being held-up by having to wait long periods of time for webpages to load.

Implementing the bespoke configuration for the ADSL to work as failover has meant that MAAC Air Conditioning never have to worry about going completely offline. If there’s a problem with the 4G, the connection switches to the ADSL in a matter of seconds and continues to provide connectivity until 4G is available once again. No manual intervention is required and the team can just keep on working.

“We’re really pleased with the result and the service! We’ve got amazing speeds and lots of smiling faces.”

“Having the Interwiz failover to ADSL if ever there is a problem has given us real peace of mind and means we never have to worry about the business being offline.”


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