Latest Superfast Internet Update

Latest Superfast Internet Update

Interwiz does it again!

  • Northern Ireland

Welcome to Interwiz Northern Irelands newest and fastest rural internet provider

  • Broadband

We install superfast broadband everywhere from major towns and cities to rural suburbs throughout Northern Ireland,

  • Internet

Our internet is super reliable, has no lag or latency and when compared with fibre you are unable to tell the difference whether you are gaming, streaming or surfing the net

  • BDUK

Our Interwiz system is partly Grant covered by the Northern Ireland Better Broadband Scheme which has been developed by the UK government to provide access to a subsidized broadband installation to homes and businesses that are unable to access a broadband service with a download speed of at least 6 Mb per second.

  • Blue box

We are not bluebox, we don’t install our own masts, we have a large global infrastructure behind us with quality customer care specialists

  • Wi-Fi

At Interwiz we realize many of our users have been promised so much time and again, we deliver on our promises with 100% customer satisfaction, many of our user’s comment that we have redefined Wi-Fi as they know it, that’s why at Interwiz we believe Wi-Fi stands for With interwiz-Find innovation


‘’Our new Interwiz System hasn’t just enhanced our Internet, it has enhanced our life’’

Amelia, Moy Park distributor, County Tyrone


‘’The kids can finally access all their homework online, the guys at Interwiz couldn’t off done enough for me’’

Manus, Building Contractor, County Derry



‘’I am ecstatic at my current speed, my business requires fast upload speeds and Interwiz really has delivered’’

Roger, teacher, County Fermanagh 


‘’Before I found Interwiz I was achieving speeds off 2mb, for my line off work this wasn’t feasible, I am ecstatic with my download speed off 43mb’’

Desmond, web designer, County Tyrone