Most frequently asked questions

What latency can I expect?

Latency is low at 20-30ms which is comparable with fixed line broadband.

How much data does WiFi calling use?

90 minutes of WiFi calling uses approximately 1Gb of data.

How can I buy one?

Interwiz products can currently only be purchased from our authorised partners. Our partners are able to provide you with the advice you need to ensure you select the correct solution for your home or business. They can also design bespoke solutions for even the trickiest of environments so you can stop pulling your hair out about your connectivity.
Please contact us for details of your nearest partner.

Can I have a Static Public IP?

Static Public IP options are available to Interwiz customers providing remote access to devices for a variety of purposes.

How do you install it?

The recommended installation location for the outdoor device is on the roof for example attached to your TV aerial pole or a chimney stack. The higher off the ground the Interwiz Outdoor device is the faster your speed will be!
To ensure you receive the very best quality connection from your equipment, Installation is provided via our trusted national partner which is a specialist installer operating for many of the UK’s largest high street retailers. Your hardware will be fitted on a date to suit you and to exacting standards.

How does Interwiz work?

Interwiz uses the latest routing hardware technology and 4G LTE data supplied over EE’s data network. The standard Interwiz is shipped with two pieces of hardware, the external radio and the internal router.
Interwiz operates as a stand-alone business connection meaning you can confidently replace any poor performing existing connections. However Interwiz can also be combined with fixed line, wireless and satellite internet connectivity to give you failover and/or a speed boost when you need it most.

What if I move house or business premises?

No problem! As it doesn’t rely on a telephone connection to operate, you can take your Interwiz down from its installation point and take it with you to your new location. If you need help simply give us a call and we can arrange for it to be reinstalled.

How do I know what speed I can get?

We have created a handy guide to what speeds you can expect to see. Our speeds are based on average data from our results when the Interwiz car goes out on the road or from our onsite demos. Discover your predicted speeds now simply by using your postcode.

Does Interwiz work outside of the UK?

Yes it will depending on the frequency availability from local carrier. The Interwiz outdoor device supports the popular LTE FDD bands 3 (1800MHz) and 7 (2600MHz).

Interwiz for Business

I want to start accepting card payments at my business premises using a card machine that runs over WiFi. Will this use lots of Interwiz data?

Based on research from various card payment providers we suggest data use is about 10-75Kb for each completed transaction.

Is Interwiz compatible with social WiFi for guests to my business?

Yes. Should you require the ability to capture client information and usage statistics, we can tailor a custom hotspot for your business.
However, all Interwiz hardware comes with a basic secure guest WiFi as standard, so you don’t have to give away your router password to every Tom, Dick and Harriet who visits you and wants to use your WiFi. This keeps the data on your personal devices safe and secure from the nosey parkers you know and also the ones you don’t.

Data Usage & Allowance

Can I buy an unlimited data package?

Currently we are not able to offer an unlimited data package. We can however supply up to 600Gb of data on a single hardware package, giving you the coverage you need without worrying about any additional charges.
If you need more than 600Gb of data you would simply need a further hardware package. Talk to us about our super-heavyweight options.

Can I track my data usage?

Yes. Usage can be tracked via EE’s MyEE app or by going to

How do I know how much data I need?

If you already have an internet connection at your premises contact your existing provider who will be able to tell you what you’re currently using.
If you’re a residential user take our Residential Data Use Quiz to get your estimated usage.
If you’re a business user take our Business Data Use Quiz to get your estimated usage.

How can you ensure I don’t exceed my data allowance?

Every data package is capped to the amount of data you’ve purchased. EE will let you know if your data allowance is running out. When your monthly allowance runs out, you can choose to buy a data add-on to keep browsing.

Warranties & Repairs

Does the hardware have a warranty?

Yes! All Interwiz hardware comes with the standard manufacturers warranty of 12 months. In addition, free support for the firmware and provision of updates is offered to all customers throughout the 4G data term length up to 24 months.

What after sales support do you provide?

We operate a ticketing system enabling you to raise support tickets and track their status.